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Break until further notice!

June 14, 2016. I'm working on geology-related projects that take up all of my little spare time. I'm sorry, but I have to stop whistle making until either I sort things out, or decide that it's time to stop permanently.

All pending orders will be processed as normal, but I will not accept new ones. Sorry folks.

Welcome to GG Whistles!

Guido Gonzato from Verona, Italy, welcomes you to this site. Here you will find hand made, high quality, low cost PVC whistles.

I design and make my whistles in order to attain the following qualities:

  • precise tuning and voicing
  • balance between octaves
  • ease of playing
  • beautiful sound
  • moisture resistant
  • low cost

I can meet these requirements because I employ a simple but highly effective design, coupled with inexpensive, commercial-grade PVC tubing. The "personality" of my whistles is a fairly pure tone with a hint of chiff, average volume, assertive bottom notes.

Given that there are so many different whistles on the market, why should you bother with these ones?

The easy answer is: these sound and feel different, especially the alto and low whistles. I worked hard (and I always try to improve) to give these whistles stronger-than-average bottom notes. I carefully fine-tune the voicing to ensure a perfect balance between octaves. Also, I make sure that the highest notes are not too loud or shrill. The amount of backpressure is optimised for ease of playing, which is a priority feature of my whistles.

My aim is to make high quality whistles at the best possible price. Good whistles need not cost a lot of money!

Like It or Return It!

I make my whistles with great care and attention. But I can't guarantee that you will like them: it's a matter of personal preference after all. Therefore, I adopt a policy of "like it or return it".

If you order one of my whistles and find that you don't like it, just send it back to me and I'll refund its price or replace it. All I ask is that you pay for the delivery cost.


My email address for orders or information is:

info at ggwhistles dot com.

Please note: enquiries about whistle making (or flute making, or whatever) will be silently ignored. All I know about whistle making is already written in my detailed How to Make a Whistle guide.

My home address is:

Dr. Guido Gonzato
Via Monte Ortigara 2/a
37126 Verona, Italy.

GG Whistles. Simply Good.

Last modified: June 8, 2015