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2016-06-14. Break until further notice!

I'm working on geology-related projects that take up all of my little spare time. I'm sorry, but I have to stop whistle making until either I sort things out, or decide that it's time to stop permanently.

All pending orders will be processed as normal, but I will not accept new ones. Sorry folks.

2015-11-17. Higher Delivery Prices

In the last few months, I happened to sent whistles to Italian destinations only. Recently, I had a bad surprise at the Poste Italiane office.

Poste Italiane has changed its delivery rules and, above all, its delivery prices.

Before the change, I could send packages via non-registered mail at a low price; approximately 8-12 Euro for European or American destinations. Not 100% reliable, but inexpensive. Now, the cheapest delivery price for European destinations is 22 Euro; 28 Euro for the USA!

I realise that these delivery prices basically force me out of business, at least with international customers. Nobody wants to buy a 25-Euro whistle and pay 22 more Euro for shipping.

I'm looking around to find other delivery services at better prices; let's keep our fingers crossed.

2012-01-31. About Lost Packages

Recently, a package I sent to the Republic of South Africa was lost; it contained two whistles. I sent the customer two replacement whistles for free. Last year, another package I sent to Rome was lost, and it contained 3 whistles, one for each type. I sent another package, which was lost (or stolen) again. Once again, I made three replacement whistles for free, which eventually arrived.

I'm afraid I can no longer afford to make whistles twice or three times, and run the risk of losing them anyway.

After extensive research, I have given up on finding a reasonably cheap and reliable delivery service. Poste Italiane's International Fast Delivery service (Paccocelere Internazionale) is often more expensive than the whistles I should deliver. Other commercial delivery services are even more expensive.

The only option I have is sending packages using the Priority Delivery service (Posta Prioritaria). Unfortunately, there's no guaranty that the package will be actually delivered; further, the package cannot be traced. Therefore, I have decided that:

When you place an order, please be aware that there's a little chance that your package could be lost - and it's a risk that you take.

In other words: if your package is lost, I will not replace it for free. I'm sorry about that, and I really feel bad to write this.

To increase the chance of actually receiving your package, I suggest that you provide a "real" delivery address (i.e. your home address, not a P.O. box); also, military addresses are discouraged.

Sorry about that, really!

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