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Prices and Orders

All of my whistles are made to order. If you need an unusual key or have special requests, just ask and I'll be glad to comply - physics permitting :-)

Please note that I'm not offering tuneable whistles at the moment. Just like accordeons and other fixed-pitch instruments, my whistles are accurately tuned so that they will sound fine once warmed up. I regularly play my whistles along other musicians, and they tell me I sound OK.

Models and prices:

  • Non-tuneable soprano whistle in the keys of E, Eb, D, C: 29 Euro.

    You can specify if you prefer a quiet (model "Lager") or louder ("Stout") whistle. Very easy to blow, and require little air.

  • Non-tuneable alto whistle in the key of Bb, A, G: 39 Euro.

    These alto whistles are easily played using standard whistle technique, i.e. without "piper's grip". They have a mellow, flute-like and full sound.

  • Non-tuneable low whistle in the key of Eb, D, C: 49 Euro.

    These inexpensive low whistles are designed to be a beginner's first instrument... and I want to give the second instrument a serious run for its money! Very light to hold, medium to low backpressure, very easy to blow and play. You may specify the hole placement; please contact me for information.

Also, please note that my low whistles are not optimised for small hands. They are optimised for sounding good! However, the hole placement is such that even people with average-sized hands should have no problems using the piper's grip:

That said, the hole placement can be adjusted to your preference at no extra cost.

Delivery Prices

Using Poste Italiane, delivery cost to European destinations is 22 Euro, while it's 28 Euro for the USA. Using Sendabox (untested yet), delivery cost to European destinations is 13 Euro.

I realise these delivery prices are very high. Poste Italiane used to charge less than 10 Euro for international shipments, but unfortunately it has changed its rules and prices. Other delivery services cost the same, or even more.

Delivery price includes goods up to 0.5 kg. Feel free to order more than one whistle to lessen the delivery/whistle cost ratio.

My Suggestions

I prefer some models of my whistles, and I'd like to share my views with potential customers.

Among my Soprano whistles, I feel that I get best results when I make medium-quiet ones. The sound is inherently sweeter in those whistles, due to their smaller window. Louder whistles sound nice when properly blown, though.

I also feel that my Alto Bb whistle is the best Bb I've ever played, period :-)

Regarding Low whistles, I'm occasionally asked to offset the T3 and B3 holes, assuming that this trick will make the whistle easier to grip. Quite the opposite! I warn you: offset holes actually make a low whistle harder to finger! I experimented with offset holes some time ago, and found out that my hands felt cramped trying to reach the offset holes. Standard "piper's grip" is easier! That said, I'll drill offset holes on request - at your own risk.

How to Order

Four simple steps:

  • first of all, please read the "Lost Package" clause below!
  • if you decide to place an order, please write to info at ggwhistles dot com and specify the model(s) you want. Feel free to ask if you have special requests, and I'll try and meet your needs. Don't forget to provide a delivery address!
  • send me your payment (details below). Please do not send me money before telling me in advance! I once missed a PayPal notification (can't find a trace of that) and looked a fool.
  • please allow three - four days for your whistle to be made and delivered.

I'll let you know when I deliver your package; please give me feedback when you get it.

Alas, delivery times may vary wildly, and I have no control on mail services. I got several reports that the package arrived in one week (Italy and Europe) or two (U.S.A, Canada). Sometimes fewer days, sometimes more.

What If the Package is Lost?

I wish I could offer a reliable and cheap delivery service.

Since I started selling my whistles in 2008, I lost 7 packages containing 10 whistles in total; they had been delivered as unregistered mail. In the past I used to replace lost whistles at no additional cost, but I'm afraid I can no longer afford to spend hours making whistles for free.

When you place an order, please be aware that there's a little chance that your package could be lost - and it's a risk that you take. To make sure that your package arrives, you should consider the additional cost of registered mail. Please enquiry for prices.

Payment Methods

  • The best method is sending money via PayPal to my private address, guido dot gonzato at gmail dot com.
  • Italian customers can do a PostePay recharge; please contact me for details.
  • If you have no other choice, you could send me money enclosed in an envelope - at your own risk.

I cannot accept money orders. Sorry. My bank charges a huge fee on international money orders, and I don't want to recoup it increasing the price.

Design Goals

My whistles are designed to overcome some common problems affecting several low-cost whistles. These are my goals:

  • intonation must be accurate. Assuming a whistle in D, the F# must not be flat and the C# must not be sharp;
  • the tone must be good throughout the entire range of the whistle;
  • although a bit of chiff is allowed, and even desirable, the whistle must not sound "scratchy" or shrill in the upper notes;
  • the two octaves must be well balanced;
  • clogging is not allowed.

I always make sure that my whistles meet these requirements. The resulting sound is fairly pure, with a bit of chiff and average volume.

On the Workbench


GG whistles are made of gray PVC, used in Italy for electrical conduits. This pipe does not bend or crack even if stepped on, and is not easily scratched either. The fipple is made of black Poypropylene or white Delrin (it depends on availability). The labium is curved to avoid moisture condensation.

A low D mouthpiece, polypropylene.

An alto Bb mouthpiece, Delrin.

The central note of the whistle (e.g. the second D on whistles in the key of D) is tuned a few cents sharp. This ensures overall good tuning of the whistle, since higher notes tend to be slightly flat. I regularly play my whistles at sessions, and they sound fine along with other instruments.

I made a few sound clips for you to hear. They're available at the Sounds page.

About the Mouthpiece Shape

I'm ready to admit there is at least one design defect in my whistles! But it allows me to keep the price low.

The problem is the mouthpiece shape, which some people find too simplistic. I'm afraid there's nothing I can do: I have no power tools to make the shape more conventional, and doing it by hand would take a lot of time. Hence, a higher price. No way.

That said, I take special care to make the mouthpiece comfortable to the lips. All edges are rounded, and the lower side of the fipple is sanded silk smooth.

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