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I've received a lot of appreciation from folks I sent my whistles to. As soon as I get their permission, I'll publish some of their comments here.

I'm shocked* at your suggestion I should tell my friends I'm playing "a piece of electrical conduit". They and I already refer to your progeny as "The White Lady of Verona". She is never far from my lips. She is so shapely, light and responsive; even more so after a few minutes of warming up... She loves to play and has captured my heart and mind. I can't keep my hands off her...

Keith, from Canada

Very nice whistle, and well worth paying the price Guido is asking for if you plan on having one of these made for ou. Guido has made a number of these, and it shows. I think I'd have to make a few before I could execute his low-tech plans as well, if I ever could. If you plan on making one yourself via his low-tech instructions, they definitely produce a very nice whistle.

Review by Wandering Whistler.

The Low Tech Whistle(*) is a very good whistle from the perspective of tone, tuning and playability. That's the stuff that matters. It may be simple in concept and construction but putting that aside - it plays like a champ. The volume is good, plenty loud for a session. The response is quite good too. The second octave A, B and beyond are easily accessible and do not require the push or extra air that many larger bore D whistles require. It is a very musical piece of work.

Feadoggie, from the USA, on Chiff & Fipple. "Low-Tech Whistle" is how I call my whistles on my How-To page.

The soprano D he sent me is just fabulous. Easy to play, easy on the ears and has now become my car whistle. [...] I like the look and playability of this little gem a two thumbs up from me.

Impempe, from South Africa, on Chiff & Fipple.

I have just returned from my Christmas vacation I found the Low D whistle waiting for me. It is a great piece and a pleasure to play. Thank you for all the hard work in getting it to me!

Mike, from Germany

Hey Guido, the whistle arrived today. I started playing immediately, it's lovely. Nice voice and it requires almost no air. I can play longer parts with your whistle without breathing than with my soprano whistles - amazing. Thank you very much. Keep up your good work.

Andreas, from Germany

I received your Bb whistle today and I can't tell you how impressed I am. The tone is very sweet and mellow, and as expected was spot-on in tune right out of the package.

Brayton, from the USA

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Last modified: March 25, 2009